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Welcome to Seigai, a fantasy reimagining of late Sengoku-era Japan for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.

In Kunio's Guide to Seigai: Second Release, you are given a tour through the history, folklore, inhabitants, institutions, and all other aspects of life in Seigai. Seiganese citizens are not without their supernatural struggles, and as rōnin, you are professional adventurers with a mandate from the draconic heads-of-state to deal with any disturbances.

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Within the 92 page PDF, you will find:

…and lots more besides!

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Last updated November 30th 2020 (Changelog)

A note from Ross, the author

Kunio’s Guide to Seigai: Second Release will always be free! Having art commissioned, employing proof-readers, and making sure they got paid properly did however cost a fair amount of my own money. If you’d consider helping me cover some of the costs of this guide and support my future work by buying me a coffee, I will be very grateful. Just click on the button below! Cheers. —Ross

An old female kappa

Bloodbath: A Seigai Adventure

Available soon

The city of Honzaishi is home to the finest baths in all of Seigai. However, recently the underground springs that provide hot water to these famous onsen have begun pouring with blood. No-one has been able to understand the cause. Meanwhile, the city is plagued by fear of the kami that judges them for their cleanliness. The adventurers have been given a task: piece together the clues, and uncover the truth.

Featuring original illustrations by Alejandro Pacheco

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